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Mail Order Manager Helpers, Inc. /dba MOM Helpers

Mail Order Manager Helpers, Inc. /dba MOM Helpers was established in August 2001 by Brian Banko, a long-time, independent consultant and experienced direct marketing executive.

Shortly thereafter, Ian Quittner joined the company. He added his creative and intelligent programming approach to the company as a long-time programmer in warehousing, fulfillment, web, and EDI based environments. He is amazing at both the operational, technical and service side of our business.


MOM Helpers' mission. We are the best at providing help with Dydacomp's | Freestyle Solutions | Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) or MailOrder Manager and SiteLINK. By providing help through expert training, technical support and customization our customers operate more efficiently and at very low cost. Our success is measured in the loyalty and value our clients place in the unbiased and experienced guidance we share with their organizations. This relationship transforms their business operations and our full-service approach ensures success for our clients.

MOM Helpers' success is proven by the fact that all of our clients are doing well despite the economic downturn and not one client had gone out of business in the past 10 years. In addition, some of our client's have relied on Brian for over a decade even before MOM Helpers was established in 2001.

As a result of our efforts, this year is our best year ever! The more challenging the economic climate, the more we help. We have loyal Clients; and, we work diligently to maintain their trust.

MOM Helpers is honored that so many Clients trust us to help them make critical decisions and overcome challenges. Our software expertise, industry experience, and vast client base, offers us a unique view of the marketplace. We apply this to every discussion and recommendation and our Clients benefit.

If you need help with Dydacomp's | Freestyle Solutions | Multichannel Order Manager(M.O.M.) or Mail Order Manager, we help!

Offering the most experience with over 20 years working with MOM Users!

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